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5&5 = Boy's Day

Why not 5 and five? Two auspicious numbers scare the evil away from a very long time.
5th May - originally propably an agrarian festival, organized to protect from the pest and illness. The farmers used to display coloured banners and warriors’ dolls or samurai armors – symbols of manliness to ward off the spirits.
The Iris flower – as it’s leaves are like samurai’s sword – was the main floral accent in this time. An Iris in a hot bath is believed to be a prophylactic against all the diseases.
Nowadays – a samurai dolls, toy armors and Koi nobori are the symbols of the festival.
In this time huge and colorful koi nobori ( paper or cloth streamer representing a carp fish; koi – means carp fish, nobori – rise, climb upward ) are floating in the sky, manifesting : “Hey! We have a son here! (or two&more – it depends of the number of the streamers over the house, the biggest streamer is for the oldest son) and he is as strong, brave and healthy as a carp fish!”

Meantime I had an opportunity to check where the koi nobori do come form. By accident I stepped into a family workshop in Uwajima on Shikkoku, just in the time, the were getting the fish ready to fly for the festival.
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a koi nobori in "in becomming koi nobori" stage
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this is where koi nobori come from
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