Get to the carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............

I love cars - A car and Car audio equipment event in Fukushima - 28.05.2005 Posted by Hello
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is it the car?...
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yes, all those men came here not only for the cars, or should I say, only for the girls?
which might be quite right.
A car show is a girl show... and actually girls focused more attention.
my conclusion was : they had to make the girls' leg dance, to make those guys with big cameras (apparntly Otaku - for otaku search the previos posts from the end of Feb.) leave their dwellings and come here..
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okinawa - something more than impressions...

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an okinawa lady's look - something different than the geisha style...
love&peace hotel in Okinawa city Posted by Hello

their shisaa is not a legent! and it might really ferocious!
even for the guest...
well, as there is no key to the door, they need a guard.
by the way.. the dogs name is Peace. there are 2 more dogs: '&' and 'Love'
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you might get some nice geta...
want a pic in an Okinawian court lady's dress? Posted by Hello

in bingata - dyed textil in flowery patterns.
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okinawian woven textil
weaving experience Posted by Hello
Shisaa! - hungry, anry&wet Posted by Hello
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