Summertime - Time for Fun

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This is the time in Japan, when festivals, Matsuri, are organized in every town, every little village, every shrine. The tradition is very very long and can be tracked back till the early times. Earliest Matturi were organized as sacred rites of farming people to ensure a good rice harvest for example and to pray for health and wealth... as every where else in the world.
Still it is a religious event and most of the rites are behind the closed doors. What you can take part in is the procession of mikoshi - portable shrines- in which kami -the god - is paraded around the village - and dashi - wagons prepared by the community of a neighbourhood, pulled by the people wearing yukata(on the foto).
The dashi is the pride of a neighbourhood. A lot of care is taken to prepare a representative wagon. At the begining of the festa, and several times during it, the dashi from all the town or village meet, and are compared. At Matsuri in Kawagoe, for example, they are pretending to quarell.
On every dashi, there are musicians playing traditional instruments, like taiko(drum) shakuhachi (flute) etc... to make the music for the event.
All the sleepy little towns come to life at the Matsuri. People wear traditional clothes, like yukata in the summer. Every one comes to the streets, meets friends and family and enjoy this time together. They eat food from the yatai - open air stands serving takoyaki ( balls with octopus;)),
okonmiyaki ('fry it as you like'), sausages (that's not that traditional), banaba in chocolate (obscure look ) kakemizu (ice withe a juice ), yakitori ( grilled chicken), yakisoba(fried noodles)...etc.. I konw I'm not the kitchen expert, but everything is really delicious;)
In the evening, after few, or more than a few cups of beer or sake... everybody looks up to the sky, for beautiful sparkling flowers - The hanabi (literaly fire flowers) - fire works
Here are some fotos from Festival in Motegi - a village in the moutains- I have take part in.
Pulling the Dashi at the noon heat was... was hard ;)

the sun at noon
Posted by Picasathe dashi-a wagon pull by young people wearing traditional clothes
yukata with summer modification:
rolled sleeves, the robe stuck into the sash
to be cool
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