Sitll in Japan became Stillin'Japan, as we came back home,
to Poland. Now we would like to share with anbyody who might be interested
with what we have stolen from there: our impressions, experiences and picures of
cource. Feel welcomed in February in Chlodna 25 club in Warsaw i Poland
PS: Sorry that we forgot to tell we left Japan, but we're comming back soon;)
mail us: stillinjapan@urushi-pro.jp
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The biggest calleydoscope in the World. EXPO in Aichi Posted by Picasa
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July and August I spent on traveling here and there. Within that time I visited some villages in different parts of Japan, like Hida, Aizukougen, Hinoemata...etc.
Here you can see, mainly in the open air museums, how the village life looked like long time ago.
The traditional architecture, arts&crafts so different from the image of gorgeous shrines of Kyoto or Nara for example.
The life-style, the way it is presented, makes you think, how close to nature the life was in the past. Using natural sources, in accordance with the climate, in harmony with the surroundings, organized in the rhythm of changing seasons.
Cultivating the rice in Spring and Summer and making washi(Japanese paper)
or weaving and dying for instance in the Winter.
Making wooden&paper hauses aproprite for humid and hot Summer.
Using the abundance of wood for beautiful crafts, learning to use its best features.
Wasting nothing - drying the food, using the rice straw to warm up in the Winter.

Years made the learn how to use the nature's gifts in the best way.

Little to look for in the Nowaday picture of Japan, covered with glass and cement.

But there are still places where people live in an order resembling the traditional way.

sudare - a bamboo blind to protect from the sun Posted by Picasa
pumpkin and soya seeds for a snack Posted by Picasa
wood and lacquer (URUSHI) crafts Posted by Picasa
fruits made of fabrics Posted by Picasa
Aizukougen - a moutain village in Fukushima-ken(prefecture). Actually It's a kind of a museum Posted by Picasa
uchimizu - splitting water to make Japanese summer cooler - in a traditional way Posted by Picasa
Hida - A village in the moutains, near Takayama in Gifu-ken Posted by Picasa
a theater for the performance in the village during matsuri Posted by Picasa
gasshou tsukuri - an enormous house, mentioned in the posts from Izu hanto, Shimoda  Posted by Picasa
the cosy livingroom Posted by Picasa
the dryer at the attic Posted by Picasa
the loom inside the house Posted by Picasa
butsudan - the buddhist altar in a house Posted by Picasa
the hut Posted by Picasa
the dyer's -herbs used for dying fabrics Posted by Picasa
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Hanabi Taikai!

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a big hanabi taikai ( fire works event ) at the racecourse Posted by Picasa
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